Bottom line...Our main goal is to make sure you exceed yours!


At Carrus Group we help Our clients realize their goals, initiatives, and projects that often stall-out because of the urgency of daily tasks.  Our goal is to add confidence to your project while limiting distractions for your team. 

Our Course is your business.

Be it; Manufacturing, Machining, Fabrication, Distribution, Injection Molding, CPG Wholesale, Sales and Marketing, Automation, Robotics or process manufacturing, we have seen thousands of applications and operations and we bring that knowledge and experience to your unique situation.  


Contract Engineering Services

Our Engineering Services aim to advance or strengthen your processes, implement good change and constantly challenge the status quo for the purpose of growth and improvement.  


project Management

From New Product Development to Plant Expansions, our team has you covered.  We can run your project from start to finish.  



Project Integration

At Carrus Group we have a vast network of partners that we engage in your project so we can deliver you a turn-key project.   Our engagement doesn't stop at creating a plan, we can carry out the plan to its fruition. 

The only product we care about is yours!